Global View Notes Focuses on Dubai

The July 28th issue of Global View Notes, a corporate newsletter from Rogers Worldwide (written by Michelle Bruno), covers the cultural considerations and logistical concerns of organizing a conference and trade show in the emirate. APCO International, the association for the public safety communications industry, is profiled in the article.

Print Brokering in the Digital Age

It’s not uncommon for one of our clients to ask exactly what we do in our capacity as “print brokers.” The immediate visual is of someone taking a print job and reselling it on the open market. But that’s far from the case. In actuality, it means that we serve as the intermediary between a client that needs something printed and the various vendors that will produce the finished product. And the printed product can be anything from business cards and NCR forms to complex booklets and brochures.

Rogers Road Trip Redux

Based on the success of the Rogers Road Trip email campaign from 2009, Rogers Worldwide, an international exhibition logistics company, turned again to Bruno Group Signature Events to design another campaign with the same theme for 2010. Road Trip was designed to attract people to the booth at IAEE’s annual Expo Expo trade show. This year, the show was held in New Orleans on December 8, 2010.

MBA Backstage Takes Center Stage

For the most part, information sessions about subjects like the Full-Time MBA Program at the University of Utah are a yawn—faculty members and recruitment folks going through the checklist of subjects like curriculum, financial aid, and GMAT scores. When the new Manager of Master’s Recruitment and Admissions joined the department, she turned to Bruno Group Signature Events to help her bring her ideas to life about changing the way recruitment events are executed.

Sports-Am’s Social Media Presence Becomes Reality

Salt Lake City-based Sports-Am produces running, cycling and snow shoeing events year round. They also manage events for non-profit organizations and conference organizers. When the owner James Zwick approached Bruno Group Signature Events to assist him with his marketing efforts, we felt his company was the perfect candidate for some social media marketing efforts. Hence Read more about Sports-Am’s Social Media Presence Becomes Reality[…]

Rogers Road Trip Email Campaign a Hit at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! Show

Bruno Group Signature Events and the Rogers Worldwide sales and marketing team tossed around a number of ideas for a pre-show promotional campaign to coincide with Rogers’ exhibit in IAEE’s Expo! Expo! trade show in Atlanta, December 9. They ruled out postcards (not environmentally friendly) and telemarketing (over 900 prospects were listed on the pre-show attendee list). Email emerged as the best option, even though they knew the competition would be stiff for something eye catching and memorable. After some brainstorming, the Rogers Roadtrip email campaign was born.