How Exhibition Organizers Are Using Digital Marketing Technologies For Attendee Acquisition

It’s a jungle out there. In order to stay on top of all the possible ways to reach attendee prospects–and there are at least 14 of them, say researchers–exhibition marketers have to always be marketing, experimenting, reviewing the results, and staying on their toes. In this article, “An Events Tactical Guide To Digital Attendee Marketing,” posted on Read more about How Exhibition Organizers Are Using Digital Marketing Technologies For Attendee Acquisition[…]

The New Frontier of Digital Revenue Streams

The New Frontier of Digital Revenue Streams for Event Organizers

If one of your professional resolutions this year was to stay up to date on the rapidly changing meetings, exhibitions, and events space, you’re in luck because Michelle Bruno will be writing for The Meeting Professional Magazine again in 2018. Her engaging quarterly articles have previously addressed a variety of topics including event-technology integration, the growing Read more about The New Frontier of Digital Revenue Streams for Event Organizers[…]

Cracking Open The Case On The Digital Transformation Of Events

While Michelle Bruno has written frequently about the digitization of the event industry in a number of media outlets, this article on digital transformation encapsulates the challenges and some of the solutions for digitizing the live-event industry. The Meeting Professional magazine summarizes the article as follows: “[Michelle Bruno] writes that the event industry is obviously, and Read more about Cracking Open The Case On The Digital Transformation Of Events[…]

Event Technology Stacks

A Breakdown on Event Technology Stacks

Michelle Bruno has always been fascinated by ways to organize and think about event technology. When she was recently asked by Event Manager Blog to write about a way to conceptualize the various categories of event tech that an organizer needs to look at in order to devise an appropriate event-technology strategy, she borrowed a well-known Read more about A Breakdown on Event Technology Stacks[…]

Get Your Geek On Over at the Ungerboeck Blog

Michelle Bruno is fortunate for the opportunity to blog for Ungerboeck Software. Her most recent post covered how to reimagine online exhibitor directories, but she has also written about a number of other topics from how to decide if you’re ready for event management software to event mobile strategy to what venues need to know Read more about Get Your Geek On Over at the Ungerboeck Blog[…]

Virtual/Hybrid Events – What’s Working and What’s Not?

On March 15, 2012, Michelle Bruno developed and moderated a panel of experts on virtual/hybrid events for the Webinar series. Mary Beth Micucci of HIMSS and Kenji Haroutunian of Neilsen delivered the kind of advice that event planners dream about receiving when it comes to executing a digital conference. At the end of the presentation, Michelle pinned them down (nicely, of course) on some of the tough questions that planners are asking about what’s working and what’s not working.

Response from Webinar on Mobile Apps Shows the Topic is Hotter than Ever

March was a busy month at BGSE. On March 8, 2012, Michelle delivered a Webinar for the folks at Pathable. Over two hundred listeners joined her to listen in on the strategy, selection and trends around event-related mobile platforms. In a nutshell, strategy is key and should align with the organization’s/event’s strategy; mobile web vs. native app is still a key element to consider when selecting a mobile platform for an event and floor plans, exhibitor directories and conference agendas still dominate the features of most mobile solutions for events. After the Webinar she received several emails and LinkedIn inquiries about specific apps and functionality demonstrating that it’s still a huge issue for event planners and trade show organizers. We can’t imagine it will die down any time soon.