Event Tech Brief Launches with a Contest

Bruno Group Signature Events launched an email newsletter and website this month dedicated to event-industry technology. The biweekly Event Tech Brief was developed with three goals in mind: to assist event producers tasked with purchasing technology, create a neutral, no spin zone where the technology can be dissected and compared side-by-side and deliver the content that the event community wants to move their events into the future. To kick off the new publication, we are issuing a challenge to subscribers to answer a single question in an email:  How would you use Google Glass in an event setting? By events, we mean trade shows, meetings, conferences, festivals or public exhibitions. We will send the first 10 respondents who send a legitimate answer of at least 100 words to [email protected] a ten-of-a-kind Event Tech Brief hoodie for their trouble and we’ll post a collection of the responses in an upcoming issue of the newsletter. The only requirement is that you must subscribe to get a hoodie. Let the musings begin.

UPDATE:  Two out of ten hoodies have been shipped. Take a look at this:


You too can look as good as Traci Browne in this hoodie.  Tell us your musings on Google Glass and you’ll be right there with her.