Helping to Build Awareness Around Event Referral Marketing

GleanIn, the London-based developers of a platform that allows trade show and conference attendees to register for events and invite others in their social media circles, has been building a library of blog posts to educate the industry about the features and benefits of event referral marketing. Bruno Group Signature Services has been helping them. Here is a list of the articles we have crafted for them:

Social Registration And The Power Of Trust

Comparing Social Registration To Other Marketing Channels

Using Social Proof To Grow Your Event

Getting To The Bottom Of Online Recommendations

There Has To Be More To Attendee Marketing Than The Status Quo

Using Influencer Targeting To Grow Attendance And Sponsor Revenue

Non-traditional Ways To Tell If Your Event Has Brand Value

Building A Referral Funnel To Convert More Attendees

Leveraging Exhibitor Networks To Drive Trade Show Attendance

This article was updated in May 2017.