Quarterly Articles For The Meeting Professional

The International Association for Exhibitions and Events approached us late last year to write a series of quarterly articles for a supplement they are publishing with Meeting Professionals International. The first two issues are out. The March article addressed some of the vulnerabilities of meetings and what, according to some experts, meeting professionals can do Read more about Quarterly Articles For The Meeting Professional[…]

Helping to Build Awareness Around Social Registration

GleanIn, the London-based developers of a platform that allows trade show and conference attendees to register for events using their social media accounts, has been building a library of blog posts to educate the industry about the features and benefits of so-called social registration. Bruno Group Signature Services has been helping them.  Here is a Read more about Helping to Build Awareness Around Social Registration[…]

Event Technology Stacks

A Breakdown on Event Technology Stacks

Michelle Bruno has always been fascinated by ways to organize and think about event technology. When she was recently asked by Event Manager Blog to write about a way to conceptualize the various categories of event tech that an organizer needs to look at in order to devise an appropriate event-technology strategy, she borrowed a well-known Read more about A Breakdown on Event Technology Stacks[…]

An Ear Full for a Change

It’s not often that readers get an opportunity to hear Michelle Bruno actually speak. But, recently she was invited to talk about her background and answer some random questions posed by Meetings Podcast’s Mike McCallen. She capped off 2015 by delivering her prediction to the GatherGeeks podcast audience.There’s a little rant and a little rave in Read more about An Ear Full for a Change[…]

Michelle Bruno to Contribute to the New Event MB Website

It’s only a coincidence that Julius Solaris’ newest iteration of the Event Manager Blog, Event MB, sounds as if it was cooked up by Michelle Bruno.  Nevertheless, we are thrilled that Michelle will be a contributor to his new digital media enterprise covering the event-technology sector. She will be posting at Event MB every two Read more about Michelle Bruno to Contribute to the New Event MB Website[…]